Anmol Soni

Social Data Scientist | Climate Economist | Policy Analyst


I'm a social data scientist with a deep fascination for the problems located at the intersection of technology, policy, and society. As a doctoral candidate at Maastricht University, I'm exploring how climate policies and public sentiment interact with the macroeconomic behaviour of industries.

My research interests are broad and diverse ranging from climate policies and circular economy to social media/network analysis. I have developed expertise in policy analysis using data-driven tools, simulations, and agent-based modelling to tackle multidisciplinary "wicked problems".


These stories encompass a range of projects, blogs, and other content that I would like to share.

Teaching Experience

  • Sustainable Development

    Tutor (Bachelor Business Engineering | Spring 2023-24)

    This course aims to explore sustainable development principles, encompassing academic definitions, decision-making tools, and practical applications. It adopts a multidimensional approach, considering social-cultural, ecological, and economic perspectives. The course format includes lectures, practical sessions, group discussions, and case studies.

  • Emerging Markets in the Global Economy

    Tutor (Bachelor International Business - Emerging Markets | Spring 2023-24)

    This course equips students to analyze the economic impact of global issues on emerging markets and comprehend the evolving role of emerging markets in global economics and geopolitics. Topics covered include international trade, foreign direct investments, financial globalization, environmental regulations, and migration.

  • Presentation Skills

    Tutor (Bachelor Course | Summer 2022-23 | Summer 2023-24)

    Tailored for undergraduate students, this course extends beyond the conventional use of PowerPoint. It encompasses various techniques, such as Pecha Kucha (timed image-based presentations), Elevator Speech (brief and impactful communication), and the emulation of TED talks (captivating storytelling and stage presence).

Curriculum Vitae